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Aisha’s top 3 fashion picks x Fall 2019

You may have seen me on the party circuit or had a look at my blog. So you know you're in the right place when you want to read about fashion. Being fashion forward is one thing and dressed appropriately, entirely another. Here’s the rundown of the 3 fall trends that you can easily incorporate into your workday or weekend wardrobe. 

The Solid Colour Silhouette

The runways were mostly purple or pistachio, but I say, whatever takes your fancy. Be it denim, all black, white or beige… choose your power colour and don this trend with force. Coz it’ll make you stand out without standing out.

The Wear What You Admire

Whoo, this is one I did not see coming. If you like your clothes to be a work of art, literally have them be a work of art. Express your creative selves here ladies and ladies, and pick your painter of choice and the world is your playground.

Pleat Me Please

The perfect segue from summer to winter are these below-the-knee pleated skirts. Long enough to counter the powerful A/C at work and short enough to keep you summer-savvy. This one is a keeper for the years. Invest. Invest. Invest.


Aisha Oberoi is a lifestyle blogger and social media manager at Litracy Books. Style is her middle name. Read more about her when you buy Adulting.


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