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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Tejas’s 3 Creativity Hacks for Dummies

Hey fellas.

I know how it can get. Too much life, too little focus. It’s a pitfall we all go through. When it comes to writing or a creative project at work, you can call me mister procrastination. After a lot of struggle with my computer, here are a few things I’ve learnt based on my own experience and watching my editor and girlfriend work.

Mornings are easy af

Now I’m not a morning person. Heck I love my late nights, it’s when I do all my pondering, meeting friends and going out. I even do groceries at night. But what I mean by morning is your time whenever you wake up. 11am, 12noon or 1pm. It is integral to my routine to shower, bathe (optional for all) and then spend an hour or two on the toughest, most creative part of my work. This is character development, plot planning and just good ol’ writing for me.It might work for you, creating a sanctuary around your waking hours. The work just flows. I don’t even know where the morning creativity comes from. It’s like magic.

Creative Bubble

Bubble, double, toil and trouble. You literally need a cauldron of creativity around you to dip into every other hour. If you don’t, along with your emails and calls and regular routine, you will drown in the feeling of being a creative loser. You have to have to surround yourself with your source of power and for me it’s books. I read non-fiction but because I write fiction, it has to be fiction. If your work is creative, and even if it isn’t, I highly highly recommend being around movies, music, art… it all adds up and it will show not only in the work, but what’s more, it will show in your mindset. You’ll be a creative powerhouse. Boom! (Shankar.)

Use Tumblr (wisely)

Note, this is tumblr, not tinder. Writing prompts, seeing what other are doing on creative platforms like tumblr, pinterest even behance and soundcloud can spark creativity. Nowhere close to copying any one’s work, just imagine you’re browsing a museum while sitting at home. I’m not social media savvy, I certainly don’t have a lot of apps on my phone. But I use the internet well. I use social media, it doesn’t use me. 


Tejas Sahni is the author of Carnival of Dreams published by Litracy Books, an Indian imprint of multi-national publisher, White Dog Books. His first book was a phenomenal success though he struggled with writing his second one. Read more about him in the novel Adulting.  


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