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Writing Challenge Day 21: Off with Procrastination

Today was a stunningly good day. I got in a writing session before noon, and by writing, I don't mean getting down words for the heck of it - that is something I am happy to practise amidst other writing sessions in the day, but for the first one, it is simple being with the book, planning, prodding, ideating.

It is much easier in the mornings. The writing does indeed flow.

This is something i'll stick to as long as I can.

I'm still reading Circe which is a lot of fun as well A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

I have started reading fiction outside in the garden, when weather permits. It really makes a difference because the outdoors is more silent than the indoors now. There are multitudes of birds and squirrels chirping, yes, but it is nicer than the A/C whirring.

I stick to a cup of coffee (decaf) or tea while reading and writing. It does indeed help me push away procrastination.

But nothing has helped more than this challenge, even the blogging bit of it.


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