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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Writing Challenge Day 23: Stranger Things

Today I found a document where I had listed the book plot point by point - and I mean a plot that worked. I also had ideas for possible sequels. I don't remember when I wrote it or why I didn't save it somewhere for easy access.

Weeks of trying different things, when it turned out, I had charted everything and saved it neatly in a folder on my system.

I have no answers. To this creativity thing. I'm stumped. I'll just take it as a birthday gift! I don't know what works, what doesn't but I do know overthinking kills the magic.

One other thing that helps me stay focused these days is intermittent fasting or at least a low carb diet during breakfast and lunch. I don't feel sleepy after lunch, and I gain an hour and lose the pounds. It makes me feel lighter, more sprightly and I have a lot more energy. This plus Atwood's advice of having a strong back for writing, these are two valuable tips I offer you.

And the third one. Do whatever it takes to keep the inspiration in and pressure out.

The game is afoot.


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