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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Writing Challenge Day 10: Going Steady

I worked in-depth on my plot today. I thought I would be able to get all 3 acts and the entire book skeleton or story plot down by the end of the day. But Rome wasn't built in 24 hours either. The more time I spend on this writing process, the more I realise that while I may live in a notification-heavy world where immediate gratification rules, the real rules of writing a book are very different. It cannot do to create a satisfying novel this quickly. It also takes a lot of energy. Deep intention has to come out through the pages, which means a lot of space and even sleep have to separate the days from each other. I get this reckoning, every second day. Time to listen. No matter how many books are published out there, written and marketed. This is my foundation and I have to treat it so.

I consider myself a novice, working my way up in the kitchen, trying to understand plot and literary devices and what resonates with the readers. I'm still learning to chop vegetables and make a good broth, it will take me a while to put together a worthy dish. I hope this will speed up, given time.

But for now, I stay at home, keep my head down and write. Everyday.


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