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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Writing Challenge Day 11: Showing up on the page

I know now that there is a bit of back and forth which is normal when deciding where each plot element goes. I take it easy on myself.

I was constructing Act 2 today and since it is the longest part of every novel, I need to spend quite a while on it before progressing on to Act 3 and further novels. I'm really hoping that spending all this time and energy on the minutest aspect pays off. It's just that we live in such a world where we can be published in the click of a button. I am so tempted to just press click on anything and have more books under my name but that's not how it works.

I have to switch off this button in my head, otherwise I'll never enjoy the writing process of it. Like I've had to retrain my mind to read at leisure, I have to learn to write at leisure and in depth.

There are other projects which sometimes tend to come before, in terms of time, and I get to the book later in the day, but that's really not that many days, but I do have the feeling of being derailed. I guess I have to learn to clear my mind before sitting down and time other tasks, but not the actual writing, you know? A tweet has less shelf-life than a novel if you know what I mean.


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