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The Hungry and the Beautiful

a blog by Neharika Gupta

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Writing Challenge Day 16: Inching ahead

I have come to a point well into the second act of my novel and I'm trying to explore the possible struggles that the characters go through. It's helpful to read stuff in the same genre, while also watching TV shows in the same vein.

I picked up a random writing prompt today, that really helps the mind to think. I loosely interpreted it as a way to know my characters a little deeper.

I spent a lot of time looking into the third person limited and omniscient points of view today and it's not that simple, but when it clicks, it clicks right into place. This might be something that this novel calls for.

Finished reading the Handmaid's Tale today. I really have to stick to fantasy and dystopian writing with happier endings, dark but not so dark.


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