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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Writing Challenge Day 18: Occupational Hazards

Sometimes the thoughts take over. That's when it's important to meditate, clear the slate and find ways to stay inspired. Does it work? Sometimes, not always.

My biggest fear is what then, what after I've seen all the creative shows I can find on netflix and prime. After there are no inspiring documentaries left to watch and no creative writing courses that suit my temperament of writing.

What if I'm left in a Riverdale world where shows like Sabrina that give me months of inspiration never turn up?

I have to live in hope that books and music will always be there. I'm in constant fear of inspiration dying out on me. So I don't even begin reading and watching what I like, in fear that it will get over and won't be there when I need it most. It's like either I watch or read too little of what I love or watch and read too much of it, that I don't give it enough time and space to inspire me.

At least it feels better to write it all here. Now I can start addressing it.

I'm sure the above is a figment of a weary and overworked mind. I'll have ideas in no time. But right now, the river runs dry.

While I know there are enough of the right fantasy books for me out there, with just the right amount of goriness or lack thereof... at times it feels like a drought. I just need to think with an abundant mind and remember to refer to the mile-long wish list of books i have on amazon.

The other thing that keeps coming up is - i'm writing from the head and not from the heart. There is too much 3 act structure nonsense in my head, i'm not able to give myself the space to let the story emerge. Plots are mixing up in my head.

It's not easy to take a breather either when you're on a writing challenge. But the alternative - to not write at all and break the streak is even worse.

The solution: finding roundabout ways to exploring the story. Drowning myself in inspiration, hoping it flows. Last but not the least, writing something else, if not the writing i'm working on but not not writing.

Read of the week: Circe - I particularly like wronged characters like Loki because I find them very relatable.


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