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The Hungry and the Beautiful

a blog by Neharika Gupta

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Writing Challenge Day 20: Classical conditioning

Today I began my writing day bright and early in the morning. Well - a little late but first thing in the morning is what I mean.

I put some music on to quiet the voices in my head and I kid you not, it worked. I actually got a bit of headway in my writing and managed to write in two different time blocks. Twice more than usual!

I got two kinds of reading in, managed to nap in the day and also worked on emails etc., binged watched a lil TV and exercised a bit. It's safe to stay that when one has no pressing commitments, the early bird gets the inspiration.

Being aware of our own writing processes and rituals and charting your day around that can make all the difference. For example, I need something warm to drink when I write, tea, herbal tea, green tea, decaf coffee. And I need something like iced tea when I do my emails etc. The drink and the combination of the work really fits and acts like a trigger. Or a motivation of sorts. It really really works, talking from about 20 days of constant writing.

Let's see how these next 10 days shape up!


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