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Writing Challenge Day 4: A mission statement

The day began with some other type of work and I had about less than the usual time I give myself to write. In such a situation, I usually dive right into writing, letting my ideas go all over the place wherever they may want to. This was particularly useful for a couple of weeks when I was using different prompts and just wanted to let my ideas out. Also, I was specifically exploring climax at the time. But not today. I had the sense that if I did that, what I came up with wouldn't amount to anything.

Instead, I took the time to take a step back. Revisit, yes character flaw yet again, and my writing notes from yesterday. They're pretty much like these blog posts but I ramble on about what would happen if I did this plot-wise or another thing story-wise. As I was starting off, not completely fresh, with a lot of different work having happened after my writing yesterday and before it today, I had to revise my own book plot - this happens a lot - a novel, even when I'm the author, needs so much attention to continuity. I couldn't just tell myself oh I know what I came up with and this is where I'm going to start off today.

There were still questions in my head about my protagonists's conflict and I reminded myself what it was ie. read my own notes from yesterday and then began exploring Acts 1-3 with that conflict. And lo and behold, something, somehow worked. I think I need a mission statement for my protagonist's conflict and look at it often :P

I have to take a very different approach from last time where I was exploring my writing through the characters, this time it needs a more mindful approach, a lot of thought and learning as I go. I don't think writing can be learnt even in a Master's course - it has to keep evolving, a true craft which also involves engaging with other creators - and since I don't have regular interactions or a writing mentor, I have to make sure I get this requirements from other sources.

I use creative writing courses and creative motivational videos on Skillshare to keep going as I want to be absolutely certain of the craft this time round as well as keep my motivation up.

Where inspiration is concerned, I tend to take it from life, music, cinema, friendships, love and so on. Reading helps me improve and understand technique.


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