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Writing Challenge Day 6: This is writing too

I'm in the space where I want to explore my main character completely from the inside out. I have tried filling in those lengthy character questionnaires to figure out who my character is. But no beans.

I think this character conflict business is a way better starting point. I was confused for a bit - why can't I figure out what my character's flaw is. And there are some pretty close calls to make such as whether it is her lack of self-confidence or lack of self-worth that she has to overcome by the end of the novel.

Now I understand that I have to decide what it is. I gotta take my character down both the roads down the story plot and figure out what is best for the story.

I can also take a clue from superhero movies today which have gotten the hero’s journey and Hamartia down to the T eg: Spiderman's lack of belief in his abilities ie. confidence which he has to overcome and Iron Man's pride which he has to give up by the end of the series. Also, the denouement of these movies is incredibly satisfying, at least of the origin stories.

So paying attention and figuring out the main character's fatal flaw is important as I need this down for this book as well as possible sequels. It is the first time I’m working with such a plot heavy book. Also, the more time I spend teaching myself this, the better it is for the future, it’s not like this learning is going anywhere. :)

This is a pivotal space where even though actual writing is not happening, there is still the most important bit of writing taking place.


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