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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Writing Challenge Day 9: Lost and found

For so many reasons, I could only give a little time to writing today but I made to the page. An unsatisfactory day but that is part of the game I guess... gotta put in the work. While I have a clear picture of Act 1, I think I need to chart out the novel in terms of each act and possibly a bit of the Hero's Journey.

While King Lear was quite disturbing, it did have a clear starting of Act 2, something which I've also now reached in my reading of the Handmaid's Tale. I initially did not enjoy the sparse writing, but act 2 shows hope for the protagonist and also Atwood's brilliant wordplay.

I guess the one thing which could have made my writing experience today a little neater and nicer would have been to inspire myself before hitting the page - and I just have to remember that for the course of this journey. After even a touch of inspiration, things just flow. Ideas from outside come in and I look forward to channelling that in the days to come.


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