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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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Savage Shows to Netflix When You're Bored

Hiya all,

We all know there are wayy too many shows to browse through these days and some are better streamed than others. These are my best picks from Netflix & Prime. I like the content, writing, acting, absolutely everything!


Credits: YouTube

Finally a show that talks about Arthur's magical sidekick. The show is a reimagining of Merlin working as Arthur's manservant. Arthur and Merlin are young enough here to be foolish and just old enough to be shaping into the people their destinies require them to be. It's kind of like a buddy road trip movie but set in the 5th century. Well-written with on point acting and a wicked sense of humour comes a series that sets out to be anything but predictable.

Available on Prime.


Credits: YouTube

Unlike its sister show Riverdale, Sabrina is nothing like it, in a good way. Perfectly chilling, with a grim sense of humour, it puts the feminism in patriarchy. For such a millennial show, the writing is the best I've ever seen. The coming-of-age show brings to light hypocrisies in the systems of religion, patriarchy, education which are all neatly intertwined in Sabrina's story, not feeling plugged in, being a perfect example of 'show not tell'. Watching this show helps lifting the veil that's over our eyes too.

Netflix this.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

The show puts the crazy in the moniker 'crazy ex girlfriend'.

I wouldn't binge-watch this show, maybe in tiny doses. Its account of the extremes of millennial stress is authentic enough to feel like someone is looking at you a little too closely. It reflects back society too well. In the first few episodes, the characters seem hollow and vapid, but by episode 3 and 4, it becomes clear this is on purpose.

You have to read between the lines and trust your own judgement of whether what Rebecca is doing is morally right or not. At some point, the cracks beneath the shiny instagram facade make their way into her life. Rebecca's character evolves over the seasons and the treatment of her mental condition and mental well-being in general is very well done.

Also, the show is a musical. Characters break out in song, mostly when they are breaking norms and prejudices. This helps from the show becoming too sad. The producers and writers obviously know what they're doing with this one.

Netflix this.

The Last Tycoon

The most beautiful tv series I've ever seen. Drenched in heartbreak with echoes of World War II, this show set in 1930s Hollywood is the perfect homage to Fitzgerald's last and unfinished work. Like his incomplete work, this thing of beauty has only season which makes each episode a precious work of art.

Available on Prime.

The Magicians

It's like Harry Potter but for adults. Get lost in the lives of these well-etched out characters and experimental plot treatments. My favourite character is Margo, poster-child for fantasy feminism.

Available on Prime.


Fallon Carrington steals the show. A remake of the 1980s soap, Dynasty offers us millennials the perfect role model in sass and smartness.

Netflix this.

Da Vinci's Demons

Hands down the best show I've ever seen. Set in Renaissance-era Florence, frames from this show could be paintings. A perfect exploration of the hero and anti-hero, it evokes the Hero's Journey and sends Da Vinci on a turbulent psychological and artistic ride to discover who he is. Set amidst the secret societies, the Ottoman invasion of Naples and romances galore, Da Vinci's Demons paints a colourful picture of a colourful man.

Available on Prime.

Mozart in the Jungle

The best show to introduce anybody to the dramatic world of classical music, creative geniuses, love in New York, being young and on the way to success. It offers episodes-long glimpses into Mexican, Italian and Japanese music scenes in way that's rare.

Available on Prime.

More shows I'll be bingeing this year: American Gods, Cobra Kai, Good Omens

Other recommendations: Leverage, Kung Fu Series, The Good Fight, Parenthood


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