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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Seven reasons to pick up the self-guided course - The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self. The book is a weekly course spread over 12 weeks. You read the text, do certain tasks and check-in once a week. In a group format, you still do the book on your own and check-ins happens once a week.

My work unblocks people, and then I look at the work that they do, and I think, 'My God, how could they not have known they were talented? How could they not have known?' – Julia Cameron

  1. the special type of journaling that gives you so much clarity - three pages of stream of consciousness style writing

  2. the artist's date - special 'self' time, no friends but pets are allowed. Weekly artist's dates are recommended for self-expression and as emotional outlets. Examples of these include - a painting date, some time with air clay, that childhood nostalgic movie, a yoga hour or leisurely walk, creating playlists and so on

  3. all kinds of new ideas and beliefs are replaced over the 12 weeks, such as I'm too old to try a new hobby, I don't have time for creativity, XYZ said so and so which is why I can't do this.12 weeks is a good time to dismantle and slowly dislodge whatever may be coming in the way of a fulfilled life or simply help you have more adventure in your world

  4. tasks equal to psychoanalysis - the book, through its various self-work tasks allows you to exorcise and release past hurts so that they trigger you less and less and eventually stop

  5. tasks that make you look future forward - such as countries you would like to visit, activities in your city you would like to try such as a dance class, or a class you can sign up for online

  6. tasks that help you make lists of things you like doing, are excited about, like reading thrillers, watching romcoms, reading poetry, sketching etc.

  7. inculcate a sense of play and exploration on a weekly and daily basis - to bring more joy into your life via simple ways

Want to do the book with me and a group of fun individuals? Join anytime between July to September 2021. Participate in creative clusters where we catch up for hour-long weekly sessions every Saturday. Minimal joining fees. Sign up here:

To read more about the cluster, visit:

The book is available on Amazon.



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