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The Hungry and the Beautiful

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7 Reasons To Travel Alone

If you're a travel buff like me, it might seem intimidating to just take off on your own. Here are some tips on how to do it well:

1. The place

A new location is good, but you can also pick a location you know and love. For me it's Goa and I try to stay at places I've stayed before, especially if I'm travelling on my own!

2. The day

Plan out how you're going to spend your days. Whether it waking up early to catch a run on the beach or a morning trek in the mountains, or simply sleeping in, followed by lunch and sightseeing, have an end in sight.

3. You do you

What is it you've always wanted to do that gets sidelined? Be it chilling by the pool all day, reading a novel or going shopping or to the salon? This is your me-time. It doesn't have to be expensive, it's just about tapping in and asking what do you need today.

4. You learn more about yourself

Maybe you learn you enjoy watching crime thrillers, reading romances and observing people. You might find out you have a fascination for old buildings and architecture, if you're left on your own. Or you might realise, cooking or swimming is your activity of choice and try to bring that back home.

5. Explore

You learn about the place in a new way. Walking to get a bearing of your surroundings, asking questions about the location you're in, trying to piece things together via google map will do wonders for your sense of navigation and confidence. A regular practise in my opinion.

6. Recharge

It is oh-so important to recharge those batteries to come back to work or life inspired and fresh. This is the secret to sustainability and endurance. It's not an escape but a necessary process. This is where the magic happens. Not to stay in vacay mode but to emerge anew.

7. A new perspective

Maybe walking along the city and picking up souvenirs is what you enjoy, or browsing catalogues and deciding to do a really offbeat cultural tour is what gives you the jollies. Or it might be sky-high on a paragliding parachute or underwater scuba diving. Whatever it is, being on your own will give you fresh eyes to see the world.


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